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Mission Statement

The home inspectors and employees of Bosch Home Inspections are focused not only on protecting the best interests of our clients but in providing expert and competent information which will help our clients in making decisions about repairs as well as maintenance items. At the forefront of every client relationship are our core family and corporate values of Honesty, Trust and Integrity. Our allegiance is and will always be, with the client in serving his or her best interests.

About The Owner

Hello, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Marlin Bosch I am the owner of Bosch Home inspections Inc. I started my construction experience right out of high school as a skilled laborer with VECO Inc. an independent contractor for British Petroleum. British Petroleum was and is the largest company drilling for oil on the North Slope of Alaska. I worked alongside veteran pipe fitters, welders and journey men as we performed oil refinery shut downs in order to replace extraordinary large pipes and valves we also conducted commercial building maintenance. I learned a great deal about commercial building codes and fire safety codes. Fallowing my term in the frozen north I attended Mt. Hood Community college where I studied business management and development.

After school I moved to Vancouver Washington and obtained my Real-Estate license and began working with ERA Real-Estate where in my second year with ERA I was recruited by a colleague to come to his company and work as a mortgage broker which I did for an additional two years before starting Bosch Inspections Inc. in Vancouver WA. I started this company with my father who had retired that same year; this was his second time retiring as a fire chief. The first time my father retired it was from the US. Air Force as a Chief Master Sergeant in the fire department, the second time was as the fire chief of British Petroleum.

My building experience started at a very early age working with my father remodeling homes at a nonstop rate throughout my young life and continued to become a much more in-depth process of learning building codes not only the current codes but also the most applicable building codes throughout the entire life span of the building codes themselves. This is very important because each home lives with the building code it was built with until that home is remodeled or upgraded. (Although insurance companies are requiring some homes to be upgraded for safety)

I had a great time building the home inspection company in Vancouver, over the span of four years the company was producing 34% of all home inspections performed in Clark County Washington (Vancouver WA) I then decided to make the move to Tampa, my number one reason like most of us transplants was the sunny weather. My goal as a home inspector and business owner is to provide the best possible service and always increasing my education of new building practices with an emphasis on fire protection and building safety.

I look forward to providing you the best home inspection services and advice possible. Please click on the Order Inspection page now to get started.

Thank you and all the best,

Marlin Bosch