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More Testimonials


This is the second time I have used Mr. Bosch and his services are matchless! He does them himself and gives a thorough report on what is needed and the reasons why. I truly believe that when you choose his company; you have chosen the best in the Tampa Bay area!
– L.C.
Bob and I were very pleased with the inspection done on new home.
– R.I.
Marlin was early for the appointment and came fully prepared and equipped. He is very knowledgeable about home design and construction. His report seemed very thorough and he was able to perform the inspection quickly and independently. Upon completion, he then followed up by pointing out to the buyer (me) those areas of concern that would be documented in the report. Very professional job!
– P.H.
I recommend for home inspection to Mr Bosch. He was on time and very professional, and knows his stuff. He noticed everything that was wrong and/or need attention in the house and gave us a great Inspection Report, so that we could follow-up on all repairs. As a first time home buyer, he did not mind me watching and asking questions throughout the inspection. He was able to email me the inspection report. It was incredibly thorough, easy to follow, and had great pictures. The inspection was also very reasonably priced which we appreciated. If I ever need another home inspection, Marlin Bosh will be the home inspection service that I’ll call. I will always recommend him to all my family and friends. You won’t regret it!
– X.M.
Marlin was great. He explained every little thing with great detail. Very patient and made the process very smooth due to his knowledge and professionalism. Thanks Marlin!!
– C.L.
We were very pleased with out inspection by Marlin Bosch. It was very thorough and our printed report along with pictures was very professional. Having had our home inspected while we weren’t in town yet, Mr. Bosch called me to explain what conditions he found, easy solutions, and what to expect. We are pleased and confident that Mr. Bosch had our best interest in mind and inspected our home accordingly. Thank you much.
– R.G.
Very through inspection. Very professional and knowledgeable in his field. We used his service on a previous house and he identified a serious problem that saved us thousands of dollars. Would highly recommend him.
– R.H.
Marlin was fantastic! He took the time to answer all of my questions & went above & beyond some checklist on a clipboard. He took the time to explain what he was doing & why & also what I would need to look for in the future to make sure my house would run properly in the future as well. A lot of people that you deal with when you’re going through the home buying process you feel are just trying to make money off of you like a used cars salesman, from the builder, to the real estate agent, to the banker. Marlin is the first person in this experience that I feel like I got way more than my monies worth.
– R.K.
Marlin walked us through each section of the house and not only answered every question we had but also provided valuable maintenance tips to keep it in top shape. Very pleased with his service.
– A.O.
Best part of Marlin’s service is that he takes the time to thoroughly explain issues/areas for improvement and has great ideas and suggestions.
– D.O.
Marlin did a great job! He was readily available when I called to schedule my inspection and he was extremely knowledgeable and thorough with his inspection. I would recommend him to anyone for your home inspection needs.
– C.S.
Marlin was very professional from the first phone call to after the inspection. He was as thorough as can be, going the extra mile in service and explanation. You cannot go wrong using this young man.
– J.D.
I was very pleased with the thorough inspection provided by you at our home inspection. There is a certain degree of professionalism that can be displayed while performing ones job and sir you certainly exhibit that. I also like your presentations on your report. Very professional job. Thank You.
– B.M.
I was thoroughly impressed at your thorough investigation of our proposed purchase at 12840 Tallowood Dr. I also liked the report you provided us with, your comments and pictures made it very easy to understand. Thank You
– B.M.
Very friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain everything about the house and inspection findings.
– G.Z.
I was very impressed with how well Marlin explained everything to me. Any and all questions I had were answered thoroughly and in an understandable manner. Marlin brought any issues to my attention and then explained what steps could be taken to correct the issue. Overall, I am extremely happy with the experience.
– K.F.
Did a great job. He was very thorough.
– K.M., Tampa FL
Marlin was very knowledgable and professional. As first-time home buyers, he explained the inspection process to us and provided a lot of helpful tips for maintaining our home in the future. We would definitely recommend his services!
– C.G.
Mr Marlin Bosch conducted the inspection in a very timely and professional manner. He reported his findings as the inspection was being done and followed up with a timely written report of his findings. I would highly recommend the services of Mr. Bosh to any one interested in having inspection work done.
– S.W.
Marlin was very thorough, organized, and great to work with. We highly recommend him. His knowledge will help make sure your home is the best one it can be!
– A.E.
Marlin Bosch is very professional and thorough. He took the time to explain minor and major issues we came across. He places all his findings in a very detailed and easy to read report that can be foreworded to certified contractors. I highly recommend Marlin Bosch and his business.
– S.K.
Marlin was very thorough and explained everything that we needed to know. He also offered advice and tips on things we can do around the home that may not be necessary but helpful. Great experience, we would recommend him to everyone!
– J.S.
My husband and I had been told that Marlin Bosch was “the” home inspector to hire, for the Florida home we purchased. I accompanied him during his inspection and was completely impressed by his knowledge of all areas inside and outside of the home which needed attention. I appreciated his time and patience in explaining routine maintenance that he recommended, as well as safety issues which should be addressed right away. His written report was so complete, concise, and user-friendly, with strategic photos red arrows pinpointing each area where work or maintenance was recommended, that my husband printed it, placed it in a binder, and plans to use it as an owner’s manual for the home! I highly commend and recommend Mr. Bosch for YOUR home inspection!
– S.M.
Thanks for your willingness to work with us and to give us a thorough and timely inspection. We appreciate it.
– M.S.
Simply OUTSTANDING inspection. Bosch (BSI)is very detailed with their reports and with pictures. You can see exactly what issues that you have and actually understand it. I also like the suggestions for improvements. They will always be my go to team to inspect any home that I may purchase. Honest to the core. Prices are very reasonable. V/R The Carters
– S.C.
Marlin, thank you so much for your excellent and professional home inspection! I also appreciate your offer to help if I need it after I move in. You are definitely the BEST and I would highly recommend your services! Thank you, Barbara Brown
– B.B.
Very informative and professional. I thought he gave a through inspection and explained everything to me in terms I understand. I feel his inspection gave me a detailed picture of exactly what condition the house I am considering to purchase was in. I will definitely recommend him.
– J.W.
Great job of clearly explaining things to a first time home buyer! Loved the detailed report with pictures.
– C.K.
Marlin was very thorough and took the time to explain in detail all findings. He has been a great resource even after the inspection, and responded to all inquiries immediately.
– M.G.
Great service. Very informative and detailed inspection. Would highly recommend to others.
– J.M.
Marlin was great. His services were very professional and we learned a lot from him. Hands down the best home inspector we have come across. We will be recommending him in the future.
– C.J.
My husband was very impressed with how thorough he was! If we move again, we will definitely use Marlin! Thank you again!
– R.M.
I have purchased many homes in the last 35 years due to being transferred. Marlin was absolutely the most through and professional. He answered all questions and made suggestions to save me money. I recommend him without hesitation. LarryH
– L.H.
Very thorough report… will definetly recommend
– C.J.
I’m very pleased with the service I received and I would recommend marlin bosch to all my friends
– R.D.
Marlin has provided home inspections for our new house and my daughters. He is thorough and complete offering much more than just a report. He takes the time to explain what he finds and the timeframe it needs to be addressed in. He is always available to answer any follow up questions.
– B.J.
We appreciated all the tips and advice Your excellent service was given to us a t 100%. We will most surely follow all recommended repairs.Thank You for your time and patience with us First Time buyers.
– C.C.
Marlin, Just wanted to say thanks for the great work on our home inspection. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with your service and your knowledge throughout this process. You went above and beyond by clarifying directly with the insurance company their request for a 4-point inspection. While I have learned a lot about houses through all kinds of DIY projects over the past decade, it was extremely reassuring to know that I had a true professional looking out for my best interests. Without doubt, your explanations during the inspection and the information contained in your comprehensive report have helped me navigate some of the hazards and pitfalls of buying an existing home. But more importantly, your recommendations have gone a long way toward giving me peace of mind that, with a few issues addressed, my family will be safe and comfortable there for years to come. Thanks sincerely for the work you did on my behalf — easily worth the price and then some!
– J.B.